Thursday, February 11, 2010

I tried having a blog. I did. I paid good money for an address (ok, three), a separate service company, and spent countless hours reading and studying up on it. It was going to be a HUGE success. I would make lots of money from advertising and affiliate links. Oh yeah.

I blogged three, maybe 4 times. I needed photos! I imagined I was a famous photographer at a photo shoot. I cropped photos, scrutinizing each one. I reread and rewrote so many things. I made lists of ideas. Lists of recipes. Lists of future expansion. Lists of lists. Every spare thought was preoccupied by what I would do with this blog. Whoo-hoo! It was fun... for a while. Life got to me. Commitments got to me. Pressure got to me. Not being able to type very fast got to me! I abandoned the project.

I still longed to create something on the internet, to add a bit of knowledge, information, wisdom. Or heck, just something fun!! (Or useless) Something fun with smart humor. Nothing BO-ring. I wanted to share some accomplishments with whoever was willing and curious enough to read it...

So here I am starting another blog. This time I am doing it all for fun. No limits on context or perimeters on, well, anything. It will be about whatever I want to share. It will be about onions. (You know, layers??) Howdya like that?

No pictures this post. No OCD rewrites. In the future I will add photos of course! But not today... today I'm just getting started. Baby steps!